B-HEX® Pupil Expander:

The B-HEX® Pupil Expander is a globally patented and trademarked 3rd generation ‘Bhattacharjee ring’ which uses a radically different inventive concept. It is a uniplanar thin flexible hexagonal device with notches at the corners and flanges at the sides. Alternate flanges are tucked under the iris to engage the notches to the pupil margin and provide pupil expansion. The single use disposable 6.5 mm device provides a 5.5 mm expanded pupil which is adequate for phaco surgery and IOL implantation. It is preloaded in an innovative transparent housing with a handle which presents the sterile device at the incision. The surgeon effortlessly slides the device into the anterior chamber using the ‘B-HEX® 23 G Forceps’.

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All other pupil expanders have scrolls, channels or pockets which make the pupil engaging part a thick biplanar structure. This is difficult to pass through a slit corneal incision and causes snagging. Hence all these devices require an Injector for delivery and removal. The B-HEX on the other hand has a thin profile and uniplanar design that allows it to glide through much smaller incisions without an Injector. The B-HEX® takes advantage of the fact that the Iris can be reversibly bent without harm.

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