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We have redefined pupil expansion and made complicated cataract surgery in eyes with non-dilating small pupils, easier for surgeons, safer for patients and affordable for healthcare systems. The globally patented and trademarked
‘B-HEX® Pupil Expander’ used with the ‘B-HEX® 23 G Forceps’ mechanically dilates the pupil transiently to allow the surgeon a good view for safe cataract surgery. The hair-thin (75 micron) device is very gentle on the iris. The pupil looks absolutely untouched the next day after surgery. Because of its thin profile, it does not come in the way and allows a lot of room for safe movement of the phaco tip and instruments inside the eye.

The market leader in India, the ‘B-HEX® Pupil Expander’, is now
US FDA registered and available to eye surgeons and patients worldwide.


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